We amend you to grow technology into reality, and are your professional partners.

Bloom Reality amends you to grow technology into reality, and we are your professional partners. We provide top talent to augment your short or long-term technology staffing needs. We provide you with professional resources to manage, design, build, or test to meet client-specific goals across various technologies. Partnering with clients like you, we design workplace initiatives targeting the health concerns of the different groups and sub-populations that define your distinct workforce. At the enterprise level, we help clients like you design employee programs that align precisely with your brand, your culture, and your strategy.


Nimble technology & deep expertise = Your tailored well-being architecture.


We create products for you.

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We provide professionals to assist you with your technology needs.

Experience Across Industries

Healthper never tried to sell us an “off-the-shelf” program. I've worked with their team and tools to quickly create a program that fits us perfectly.

— Sr. VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Corporation

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Our Engagement Strategy


We drive engagement at the program level by architecting solutions specific to your needs. That starts with branded workplace initiatives, which studies show employees find far more reliable and trustworthy. Our clients report healthier habits, progressive weight loss, and better company-wide morale.

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We work hand-in-hand with your team to assess workforce health and design custom strategies and incentives to improve well-being across the enterprise.

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We'll help you leverage existing resources by connecting to existing apps, partners and infrastructure through our service-oriented architecture.

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Bloom's adroit, open standards based platform means your best ideas and thinking can get implemented across your entire population.

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We engage members through multiple channels like email, SMS, IVR, Snail Mail and tailored communication that are based on participation level.


Employee engagement is where the rubber hits the road (or, should we say, it's where the sole hits the walking path). Importantly, we provide you with the tools, the support and the expertise that enable you to make changes for sustaining maximum engagement — continual, iterative and positive adjustments after launch and throughout the life of the program.

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The assessment we design for your workforce can include biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and more, depending on your goals.

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When it comes to motivation, we supply you thousands of challenges, incentives and rewards with which to keep your custom program always fresh and engaging.

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Bloom Reality gives you access to an enormous multiple types of rewards options. Equally important, you're able to manage everything with our unified incentive management system.

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Bloom Reality gives you access to the kind of measurements that illuminate program performance vividly and tangibly. Essential for keeping management informed.

The Healthper Platform

Infinitely flexible, adaptable and functional. A single, branded portal, flexible enough to integrate your current partners and resources, powerful enough to offer the resources and tools that are right for your workforce.

Strategic corporate alignment

Comprehensive and customized 
engagement plan

Branded with your identity for a seamless 
user experience

15+ languages supported 24/7 support

SOC 1/ ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, HIPAA compliant

In-depth participation, utilization and risk reporting/analytics


Strategic corporate alignment

Aligning with your corporate objectives, and your workforce

Unified incentive management via
centralized portal

Client support provided 24/7, knowledgeable, informed and insightful

Customizable rewards mall with over 10000 items including merchandize, travel packages, gift cards, e-vouchers, e-certificates

Integration with the widest availability of vendors, including key biometric, payroll and reward vendors

Unified program management

Unified program management

A centralized dashboard to measure program performance

Assessment flexibility

Customizable, comprehensive

Compatibility with the widest range of current wearable technology options: Apple, Fitbit, Withings, and more

In-depth participation, utilization and risk reporting/analytics

Personalized health assessment

Assessment flexibility

Multiple pathways and options for assessing workforce health

Customized Motivation

Over 300 activities, motivational and educational content and tracker applications

Over 200 team and individual challenges (customizable to your needs)

Challenges and activities branded based on your corporate branding

Hundreds of potential incentives, capable of being branded to specific companies, divisions On-Site Seminars, Health Fairs

Marketing Resources including your unique program calendar and branded communications

Customized motivation

An unlimited array of resources
and options

Program capabilities

Community event organization and management: Enrollment forms, submission tracking and rewards

Event publicity, Communication materials,
Event programming

Centralized charitable contributions
and donations

Rich social interaction Digital and Live Health Coaching Health Library

Program capabilities

Events, challenges and
social interaction

Platform customization

Seamlesss integration with over devices, including Fitbit, Withings and Apple Health Kit

Integration with Spanish, Chinese, French, and a dozen additional key languages

Single sign-on capability Self-service administration access

SOC 1/ ISAE 3402, ISO 27001 compliant

Platform customization

Integration with essential devices, standards and APIs


Realize your technology ideas!

Our team of experienced professionals make your technology ideas real. We are experienced in the information technology field and our technologists are ready to help you. We have industry agnostic domain experts who are experienced in building technology for healthcare, finance, media, retail, manufacturing, hospital systems, and more. Our core differentiator is that we have highly technical resources with years of industry experience to provide custom solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of the client.

How can we help?

We provide strategic & technology consulting across Azure, Salesforce, IBM, AWS and Google Cloud platforms, Enterprise Modernization, MuleSoft, Project Management, Enterprise Technology and Security Operations, Marketing Automation, Big Data, Data Mining and Business intelligence reporting. We have a team of versatile technologist and can be your team of trusted partners. Our programmers are experienced and understand full-stack development needs while keeping our customer interests private.


Our experts can help you strategically align your digital transformation needs. With rapid pace of technology, it is hard to keep up with everything and make strategic decisions that are durable. We analyse your business or application needs, and create a holistic approach for you to execute on. We not only co-author the strategy but also stay with you during the execution, such that you optimally deliver results based on your strategic objectives.


Our professional services team can help discover, architect, design, develop, test, secure and support your IT needs. Our process includes helping you create the targeted job descriptions, pre-screen candidates before we set up interviews, verify and secure background checks, assist in onboarding and ongoing touchpoints to validate the service levels. We can serve to you or your client staffing needs across public and private sector.


Our team of experts and partners can help you optimize your cloud cost spend to achieve operational excellence. Our process includes estimating your spend and savings with move from an on-prem to a cloud environment, define the executable path to optimize when operating in cloud, suggest the possible changes in architecture with cloud technologies that can help you save on your software procurement and integration costs, and custom development of tools and dashboards that can assist you to keep your cloud spend in check.


Our expert team of developers can build and deliver to your software specifications. Our process includes understanding your needs, making the technological choices that are compliant to your organization, deliver the bug free product, knowledge transfer with easy to follow documentation, assure that testing and support exceeds expectation.


With our experience in AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and Google Cloud, our teams can help you maneuver cloud with ease. Our process includes assessing your team's core competencies, your IT needs and provide a comprehensive plan to execute optimally in a multi-cloud environment.


Our team of designers and marketeers can help you achieve your sales and marketing automation. Our process includes assessing your current marketing outreach, and designing the marketing collateral with a plan to execute on. We work with you to deliver to your SEO objectives that gives you best performance of your marketing budgets.


Our professional services team can customize our standard products to suit your organizational needs. We have a range of technology and healthcare product offerings that can be delivered as a service or customized to run with-in your own data center environment. We work with your team to develop custom strategies and incentives for improving well-being across the company. We'll leverage your existing resources such as health partners, applications, infrastructure, etc. using our service integration capabilities. Our flexible platform means your team’s best ideas and thinking can get quickly deployed across your population.



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Latest Press Releases and Case Study

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Healthper USA, Inc.

Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to Healthper to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive well-being.

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Healthy Trim

4-week weight loss program that helps you change your lifestyle and lose weight

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Uses Azure Cognitive Services to power well-being programs. Maximizing engagement through personalization, coaching, and incentives.

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Employee Programs

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Healthy Mind

A 12-week challenge designed to enhance your mental and emotional well-being to be stress resilient.

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Healthy Trim Image

Healthy Trim

A 4-week weight loss program that helps you change your lifestyle and lose weight.

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Healthy Heart

12-week challenge designed to get you going on your way to a healthy heart and well-being.

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Healthy Stride

12-week miles tracking team challenge designed to improve your physical well-being and have a healthy competition

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Healthy Living

Well-being program is dedicated to motivating our members to manage weight, reduce stress, exercise more frequently, eat healthier and live a complete, balanced life.

Healthy Habit Image

Healthy Habits

Well-being coaching program that motivates members to build a positive well-being habit by using the digital tools or engaging with an experienced coach.

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